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FFFF-- >:c

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>:C I just woke up. *noms on pretzels*
adventure, jun, cute


Today I went to a jewelry party with my mom on a whim (mostly to see my big sister as well), and I ended up winning a door prize. oAo;; I don't ever win anything, so it was pretty surprising.

I got a ring. o3o I don't really wear jewelry often,'s not that I don't like jewelry, I just always forget to wear it. XD;;;

Although, I can always remember to wear my Iron Cross at least. >:I I feel naked if I don't wear it because I always play with it. XD


Meme. ouo

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adventure, jun, cute


.-. I'm feeling randomly sad today. EWFASFDFERFFFFFF, cheer up, self. >:I You can last another week, stop being a pussy. That, and I think Aunt Flow might be stopping by soon. >:c I hate that bitch.

But I have friends coming over tomorrow~ \owo/ I cleaned up my whole room for once~ Even stuff from college I haven't unpacked! =u=;; Even though I'm going back to college in a few weeks ,and I still have a box I haven't unpacked yet. >w>;;;


TODAY. IS OTP DAY (And "Dajra is gonna be spamming a lot of fanart" day).


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adventure, jun, cute


For some reason, I'm oddly pooped today. =A= And my arms hurt from cleaning windows yesterday.


I've had a headache all day too, though. .-.;; Nnnnrgh. But at least I went out for a while for once. =w=b

.... :U Useless chatter is useless. I'm just here for meme-ing.

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:U Manual labor


B-But I found a really big spider in one of the windows. ;;;w;;; Yes, I screamed like a little girl. If it has more than four legs, I already don't like it. >:c And 8 legs and more is wear I start to cry. >:'c

(I don't mind octopus or squid, though...but even now things like crab are starting to give me the heebie-jeebies [at least they taste delicious, though] )


=u= Meme.

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adventure, jun, cute


So, my mom has diabetes now. .-.;; Why does my family keep breaking down around me?

Eh, I'm not too shocked, though. It does run in the family. oAo I didn't know my sister was also taking diabetes medicine, though. OAO No one tells me shit (not that I really expect them too). But apparently if she loses some weight, she might be able to get off the medicine. And she only has to take pills, not shots, so it's not that bad, I guess.

== Man, my health in the future is looking more and more bright every day...kidney stones, diabetes, back disease, heart disease, cancers of all shapes and colors, eye problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflex, Crohn's, all those just being the ones I can name off the top of my head...

== I'm so excited for life and growing up gaiz, like OMG. ==

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